Science Based Nutrition Testing


Our office is pleased to announce we have successfully completed a training program to become a Science Based NutritionTM affiliated practice!

With all the cleverly marketed supplements, fad diets and conflicting nutrition information available today, it can get confusing. Our office uses diagnostic testing (like blood work) to formulate vitamin and nutrient recommendations specific to YOUR body’s needs. No more guessing! 

These tests can also indicate if you’re progressing toward the development of a serious illnesses or disease. Are you already taking medications? Get to the root of the problem with our nutritional analysis and see your personal health transform. 

By retesting, we can monitor your progress and adapt your personal program based on how your body responds to treatment. 

Contact our office today to set up your appointment. Early detection and correction are key elements to living a healthy life. We look forward to serving your nutritional needs.

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Testing includes very thorough blood, urine, fecal, and hair testing for early detection of a number of diseases and conditions. Even if you have already been diagnosed, we can provide a specific nutritional plan to help your body heal and return to a state of health.