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Our goal is to provide the highest standard of chiropractic care and structural correction in a friendly, professional environment. We offer affordable self pay rates with no contracts or high pressure. We offer an initial consultation that is simply a conversation between you and the doctor to determine if our services can help.


Our Focus

Dr. John Neff is a Gonstead Chiropractor in Clermont, FL. He focuses on identifying and correcting structural abnormalities in the spine and extremities. 

These structural abnormalities can lead to secondary conditions such as:

neck and back pain

degenerative disc disease 

herniated/bulging discs

headaches and migraines


numbness, tingling, weakness in extremities (carpal tunnel syndrome)


joint pain...and many more

Structural problems in the spine lead to muscle imbalances and inflammation that cause irritation to the surrounding nerves. 


Gonstead Chiropractic

We take great care in identifying the primary cause of the structural abnormalities and correcting it to give a lasting change without the need for weekly lifetime adjustments. There is a clinical logic to every decision that is made for each and every patient. These decisions are guided by 5 factors: 

  • Visualization of the spine
  • Static palpation of the spine and surrounding tissues
  • Motion palpation of EACH joint in the spine
  • Instrumentation involving a temperature scan of the entire spine
  • Structural analysis using full spine x-ray films

There is no "cookie-cutter" adjustment that every patient receives. Each visit, these 5 factors are reviewed to determine if an adjustment is necessary on that particular day. 

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*Please bring any previous x-rays or MRIs with you to your first appointment. 

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